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26 March 2008 @ 07:29 pm
The Prefect Impression - Chapter 5  
Title: The Prefect Impression
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: NishiKato, TegoPi
Words: 5255
Summary: In a school where image is everything and traditions get handed down from those authoritative figures right at the top, Shige finds it hard to adjust to all the new rules. Not a good thing when the highest ranking is none other than Nishikido Ryo.
Author's Note: Tried not to jump around as much as the last chapter but it is quite choppy. Damn it Massu, you’re so hard to fic! Oh and um… I’m not a big fan of cliff-hangers but I was tempted to end it at a different point.
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Chapter 5: Dr Nishikido and Mr Ryo

Change for most people is something done over a long period of time so when it looked like Ryo’s personality was mysteriously changing several times a day, it caused suspicions to arise that there was something terribly wrong with his mental stability. Even more so than usual.

“Hey Yamapi…” Koyama began while he balanced a pencil on his upper lip. “I’m worried about Ryo.”

“Like that’s new,” Yamapi rolled his eyes before getting back to his work. He sighed despairingly, thought that he could do with a distraction from three-figure bearings and delved into the worrying mind of Koyama Keiichiro, “Go on then, tell me what’s wrong now.”

“Yesterday, I saw him smile when he gave a first year directions,” Koyama leaned over the table and his voice became increasingly urgent.


“He smiled. Smiled. Smiled. With teeth,” Koyama’s voice whispered out to wordless mouthing.


“When was the last time you saw that?” Yamapi thought, when was the last time he saw Ryo smile? With teeth? After a while, Yamapi’s face drops a bit and Koyama seems to have a satisfied look, as if this was something to be happy about. “Exactly.”

“You don’t think…”

“Yes, I do think,” Koyama nodded. “He got laid.”

“He couldn’t have,” Yamapi sat up as his attention in the conversation increased. “He would’ve blatantly said something.”

“Would you mind not talking about me while I’m in the room?” Ryo cut in while looking over the top edge of his magazine.

“But you always say that you’d rather have things said about you in front of your face than said behind your back,” Koyama turned unflinching at the glare directed at him.

“I didn’t mean it like that, keep your thoughts to yourself, alright?” Koyama shot Yamapi a panicked look which was returned equally at the sound of Ryo’s reply.

“I told you,” Koyama said warningly. “See that calm reaction? He got laid.”

Ryo hadn’t gotten laid. The last time he smiled (with teeth) he hadn’t gotten laid either. At that time he had simply taken a liking to the school nurse but that wasn’t the case now because right now, Ryo had no idea what caused him to smile. With teeth. Well, he had an inkling of an idea but he would never care to admit it out loud.

It wasn’t long until the entirety of the students had heard of the newly bestowed kind attitude that had come over Ryo, meaning that it wasn’t long before it was decided that everyone would take a chance and ask Ryo for a favour.

“I’m going to ask him if I can get a badge for my blazer!”

“I want to untuck my shirt.”

“What are you going to ask for, Shige?” Tegoshi asked, leaning over the desk.

“Me? Nothing.”

“Really?” Tegoshi frowned a bit. “But I think Nishikido Ryo-sama would give you whatever you asked for.”

“What makes you say that? You do know that we’re not exactly best friends right now?”

“Well, Yamashita-kun said that he really, really-”

“Tegoshi-kun, what are you saying?” Tegoshi jumped when he heard the voice behind him.

“N-no-nothing Yamashita-kun,” Shige could see the panic on Tegoshi’s face and it wasn’t long until Tegoshi was once again whisked away by the dashing Yamapi.

“Don’t you ever wonder what they do when they go off together?” Kusano crept up and rested his chin on Shige’s shoulder.

“How am I supposed to know?” Shige sighed as he tried to nudge Kusano off. “They do it at least three times a day and they make sure that they don’t get followed.”

“That’s called laundretting, that is. It’s what spies do.”

“Are you telling me that they’re spies?”

“What are you talking about, Kato-kun?” A voice boomed from the door.

The chattering between students stopped momentarily as the boys watched the exchange between their prefect and classmate. Shige sighed heavily with the familiarity he knew would come.

“Nishikido-san,” Shige greeted with more casualness than Ryo preferred. “How are you today?”

“Fine, thanks for asking Kato-kun. And you?”

“I’m good. Did you want me for something?” Shige asked, wide-eyed and innocent.

“I did actually, come with me,” Ryo pivoted on the spot turning one hundred and eighty degrees and walked out into the locker-lined corridor.

It took Shige a while to realise that he was expected to follow, he gestured to Kusano that he’d see him later and walked with a hasted shuffle in order to keep up with Ryo. Shige noticed that Ryo didn’t slow down, didn’t wait for him or even turn around to check that he was behind and in all honesty Shige was finding this kind of behaviour kind of unnerving which was strange because Shige never really thought that Ryo was a person that unnerved him.

“Uh… Nishikido-san?” Shige called out when they had reached the drama room.

The drama room was plush, full of rich colours of red and wood that gave the ambiance of an actual theatre. When they entered it wasn’t hard to notice that they were the people there, the lights were bright and filled the room and Shige was fine with that.

But then Ryo turned them down low.

Now Ryo wasn’t just unnerving Shige, he was also close to freaking him out in the dark and Shige knew that only something bad could happen when Ryo went to lock the door.

“What do you need me for?” Shige called out, with more shakiness than he cared to show.

Ryo was silent. Shige was silent. Silence like that was dangerous because it meant that just about anything could happen as there was no way to predict. Shige’s mind rushed through different situations he could see spawning from this moment. A punch? A flurry of insults or orders? Shige cringed and winced mentally as Ryo approached him with a stern expression that was hard to make out in the dim light.

Shige looked down and noted that Ryo had stepped right up to him, right up to his shoes and just overlapped the rubber soles of his own.


“Shh, they’re here,” Ryo said in a low voice and answered a question before Shige could even ask it. “Yamapi and your girly friend.”

“So what are we doing here then?”

That was a good question, Ryo thought, one that he didn’t have an answer to however, he wasn’t really sure what had possessed him to bring Shige along. He said nothing, tried his hardest not to let an expression show because between him and Shige, there was an emotional game he felt he had to win. Ryo wasn’t sure what side he was on, he didn’t know what the rules were, he just knew that he couldn’t let his guard down around Shige because Shige did these things that made him feel soft.

“Nishikido-san?” Shige had been repeating Ryo’s name a while now. “Are you going to tell me or not?”

“I said, shush…” Ryo said once more because it looked like it needed repetition. “They’ll hear you.”

“Fine, just tell me what we’re doing here,” Shige lowered his voice to a spiked whisper. “Why did you lock the door and dim the lights?”


Shige waited, he waited, and waited, waited for an answer that he knew would never really come because this was Ryo and Ryo could never answer him straight. Shige fought the urge to roll his eyes and decided that eye moments would be better off spent looking around the drama room.

He stepped past Ryo and went to inspect the stage that still had a single spot light in the middle. Unsurprisingly for Shige, the stage was like the real thing, a large space dedicated to an orchestra, long red curtains that opened and closed, lights of different colours to create atmosphere, many things like that.

“Will you quit walking around while I’m talking to you?”

“You weren’t saying anything,” Shige replied, going backstage and looking at the props that had been laid out.

“What are you doing there anyway?” Ryo’s voice was getting closer but Shige didn’t pay too much mind to it.

“Just looking around, are the drama club planning to perform anytime soon?”

“Yeah, a musical.”

“What one?”

“Guys and Dolls, I think.” Shige almost choked at Ryo’s reply. Guys and Dolls? Yes, the ‘guys’ he could see very well but the ‘dolls’? “It’s a joint production with that rainbow school.”

Rainbow school? Shige wondered what Ryo meant and tried to think of all of the nearby schools with names that were vaguely similar.

“You mean Prism Cross?”

“I think that’s the one.”

Prism Cross High School. Shige’s first choice of schools. There was a sudden wave of depression that came over him. Students from the beloved school that he ached to be in were coming in possibly several times a week for rehearsals and practice and performances and Shige knew that he would only get disheartened at the sight of them.

“What do you think they’re doing?” Tegoshi whispered as he poked his head just above the row of chairs in front of him.

“I don’t know,” Yamapi replied, crouching in a matching position to Tegoshi. “They’re too far away to see.”

“But it’s strange, right? I mean, Nishikido Ryo-sama dragged Shige here, locked the door and turned off the lights.”

“I do that to you.”

“Yeah but that’s different,” Tegoshi ducked back down and crossed his legs as he squatted. “I mean, it’s you.”


A pause.

“But I thought you were joking when you said that Nishikido Ryo-sama liked Shige,” Tegoshi leaned forward a bit, his bright eyes showing his eagerness in the dark.

“Hey, can you stop calling him ‘Nishikido Ryo-sama’ all the time?” Yamapi continued before Tegoshi could even interrupt. “Ahh, ahh. No buts. I don’t like it.”

Tegoshi couldn’t help but smile because seeing that sort of jealous look was just too cute not to react to but in turn the smile he had on was cute too. Someone who didn’t have a cute look though (at the current moment) was Kusano who was back in his own form room, looking at a long list of names.

“What’cha doing?” Koyama sang as he sat next to Kusano but he got no reply. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m kind of helping out with drama club’s thing, backstage props and all that, and…” Koyama waited patiently for the continuation but he knew that it wasn’t going to be good because the corners of Kusano’s mouth fell. “He’s going to be there.”

Koyama didn’t need any more words to understand who Kusano meant. It was that guy who had caused him to act so depressed and reclusive at the sleepover and Koyama didn’t want to see that again because he knew that it would reflect on him as a prefect. Koyama knew what he had to do, he had to go to practices and have a talk with whoever this person was and make sure that they didn’t hurt Kusano ever again. Then it hit him that such a plan was ridiculously optimistic in terms of success.

Never the less, Koyama was there for the first rehearsal in the front stalls watching as the students from Prism Cross entered, wearing their maroon and black uniform, followed Ryo who had been instructed to take care of them. The girls of the group in particular.

But Ryo had just dumped them on the stage, left them to their own devices, and went to join Koyama and Yamapi who watched as everything went on. Ryo wondered what they were doing there but presumed that they were probably doing what several of the other students were doing. Stalking the girls. Ryo himself wasn’t interested though. He didn’t think much of the cute petite girls with the pretty smiles and straight hair, for ‘some reason’ his eyes were more drawn to Shige who currently was acting as some sort of shield for Kusano.

It looked like the Prism Cross drama club had elected some sort of smiley guy to be the one to talk on behalf of the whole group. After introductions and such, they finally got around to officially begin rehearsals.

Shige wondered how Kusano managed to rope him into helping out. It wasn’t as if he was a member of the drama club, or had an interest in being a member of the drama club or production, but then he looked at the students dressed in a uniform that he had almost bought and knew that if Kusano didn’t ask him then he was sure to find another way of being there.

Shige was busying himself with untangling a rope when he was approached by the leader of the Prism Cross drama club,

“Hi, do you need some help?”

Shige welcomed another pair of hands to the task and it sparked off conversation with the person he now knew to be Masuda Takahisa who he vaguely remembered seeing during the entrance exam, helping out with the handing out and taking in of test papers.

“I remember marking your test, it was the first time someone had gotten full marks. I was surprised that you weren’t there on induction day though, how come?”

Shige wasn’t sure how to reply. He could have told the truth and said that there was some mix-up with his acceptance letter but he got full marks. Would a person who got full marks get mix-ups like that?

“My parents wanted me to come here but it was nice to see what it was like at Prism Cross,” Shige lied through his teeth. It was for the best.

“Oh, I see.”

“Shige!” Shige looked up to see a beaming Tegoshi pose boldly. “I have come to assist you in this task of rope pulling.”

“Who gave you Ribena?” Shige asked, thinking it was the only reasonable explanation for Tegoshi’s strange hyper behaviour.

“You’re so funny Shige,” Tegoshi playfully hit his arm before turning and asking. “Who’s your friend?”

“This is Masuda Takahisa, he’s from Prism Cross, here for rehearsals.”

“It’s so nice to meet you Massu!” Tegoshi took Masuda’s hands and shook them enthusiastically while Masuda gave Shige a panicked look.

“He does that a lot,” Shige said sympathetically.

It was back to prefect talk time again as Yamapi joined Ryo and Koyama in the audience, watching all the goings on as they looked after their relative first year.

Koyama was now sure who the person Kusano was trying to avoid since he had practically staged dived out of the way when that person approached. Yamapi was uncomfortable to see Tegoshi so eagerly close with that person while Ryo just watched in silence at Shige and that person as they got on with work. All the while, Kusano, Tegoshi and Shige were oblivious to the prefects fuming away.

“Anyone want lunch?” Ryo turned to ask.

“Yes,” came the synchronised hissed replies.

“Salad, OK?”

“Yes,” they said, squinting their eyes as that person interacted with their precious formers.

As Ryo got up to leave, Koyama and Yamapi turned to each other and through their eye contact, shared the same thought. Ryo must have gotten laid.

Ryo knew there was something a little bit different about himself that day. He pinpointed it to be the lack of burning in his chest that made him want to punch walls and kick doors open. It wasn’t gone totally but it wasn’t there fully either. It was strange, Ryo thought, to not have his nerves on pinpricked needles, ready to attack, as and when required. It was nice apart from the fact that he knew he spaced out frequently and bumped into people in the corridor who hadn’t seen and made way for him but even stranger for him, he’d apologise.

It had been a while since he last said sorry and meant it because he had learnt that was what you do when you grow up. You lie, cheat and steal, only to ever say you were sorry when you got caught, that you got caught. That’s what Ryo did and no one seemed to question it apart from Shige.

Now his blood was boiling. Familiar anger rushed to the ends of his nerves and Ryo found himself kicking the wall, his shoes leaving dark curves of rubber on white. Familiar though it was, Ryo still had no clear idea as to what he was so frustrated about and that in itself simply intensified his feelings.

Salad, Ryo thought, he still needed to get salad.

Salad, Shige thought, he still needed to get salad.

Shige asked for a break and went to buy the meal he had been craving all day since he had a bite of it the day before from Tegoshi’s lunch. He went to the cafeteria, sure that he would be able to get food quick, considering that it wasn’t the main hour for eating. Lunch was a couple of hours ago.

So Shige leaned over the salad bar, carefully deciding what to have. Should he have carrots? – Should he not? He reached out for a spoon, thinking he was in the mood for sweet corn but paused when he felt the presence behind him.

“Oh hey, Kato-kun.”

Shige didn’t move and thought about the greeting he had just received. It was Ryo, definitely, but it was different from the usual sneaking up and speaking right beside his ear that he usually got.

“Hi Nishikido-san,” Shige dipped his head a bit politely to match the tone of Ryo’s voice.

“You getting salad?”

“Um… Yes,” Shige didn’t do anything more or less.

“That’s nice,” Ryo nodded a bit. “Me too.”

There was a silence that was more that uncomfortable. Shige slowly tipped the spoon over his bowl and stepped to the side to get the bottle of dressing that was on the counter. Shige watched as Ryo prepared three identical and full bowls in quick succession.

“Are you done with that?”

Ryo’s question snapped Shige out of his daze and he promptly handed over the bottle. This was weird. Nishikido Ryo, the Nishikido Ryo had conversed with no insults whatsoever and when Shige handed over the dressing he swore he saw Ryo smile. With teeth. That in itself was enough for Shige to consider that something wasn’t right with Ryo.

“Nishikido-san? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Shige cringed a bit; there was that creepy happy smile. “Why?”

“Nothing,” Shige shook his head. “It’s just… you seem a bit different today.”

That’s right, Ryo thought. Different. He was the same but different. Ryo wondered what his old self would say in reply to that. He tried really hard to think but nothing came to mind so he let himself reply as his new self.

“Really? Well, OK. Should we go back?”

“Right,” Shige nodded, still cautious that with this Ryo anything could happen. Shige’s eyes then gestured to the bowls of salad, “Um… Do you want me to take one for you?”

“Would you? Thanks.”

Shige gulped. Nice Ryo was scary and caused shivers to run up and down Shige’s spine and it was all too distracting so the conversation on the way back to the drama room was pretty much one-sided. Ryo-sided. Shige wondered if this was the Ryo who was at home, the one that was polite to family members and helped out around the house without grumbling that he had better things to do like watch TV.

Shige knew that Ryo was talking to him, asking questions and such, he could see his mouth moving and could hear his voice but he was much too deep in thought to competently translate those sounds into words. He wondered how long it would be until he did something that would make Ryo snap back into his aggressive alpha male mode.

It didn’t take long.

Only two days.

“What the hell was that?!”

“There’s nothing in it Nishikido-san, honest,” Shige sunk down as Ryo towered over him.

“This piece of paper clearly says otherwise,” Ryo waved it around, not caring that he was creasing up the paper that Shige seemed to treasure.

“Do you mind?” Shige snatched the paper back and tried to smooth it out on his chest. “I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet.”

“So it’s more than nothing then, isn’t it?” Ryo’s voice increased in sharpness.

“I don’t get what you’re so…” Shige frowned a bit, trying to think of a word that would perfectly apply to Ryo’s current temperament.

“So what? What? Hmm?!”

“So interested!”

Ryo didn’t want to reply to that. He didn’t want to and he hadn’t meant to, but he did and as soon as he did, it was too late to take it back. Ryo immediately turned away, he couldn’t stand looking at Shige who had frozen in a blank stare at him.

“Say that again?” Shige asked in a small, strained and confused voice.

“I’m not repeating myself,” Ryo huffed in reply, crossing his arms and tapping his foot against the ground.

“Please, just one more time.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“It’s OK, we got it on film!” Ryo’s jaw dropped when he peered to the corner of the classroom where Yamapi and Tegoshi were huddled together.

“That’s just creepy,” Ryo shot them a disgusted look as he confiscated the digital camera that they had tried to hide between them. “What would possess you to film us?”

“Well, you dragged Kato-kun off-” Yamapi started.

“Yeah, and we thought that maybe you might-” Tegoshi clutched Yamapi’s arm nervously.

“Be telling him that you really, really-”

“Ahh, shut up, shut up, shut up! Just because you heard it doesn’t mean you can repeat it!” Ryo interrupted and shook the camera at them as his said before leaving, “I’m gonna go delete this and I swear if you ever tell anyone what I said I will ram this camera down your throat and pull it out through your kneecaps. Even you… Girly.”

“Nishikido Ryo-sama was definitely talking to you then,” Tegoshi whispered.

Ryo went to the rooftop. He needed to figure out how to wipe the camera’s memory clean and he couldn’t do that anywhere else in case he played it instead and other people heard it and well, he would never live it down. He looked at the screen, prodded it with his fingers to change the settings and looked through all the files that were on it.

Hai~ Te-go-shi desu~”

“OK, definitely not that one,” Ryo moved onto the next one, skimming through the first five seconds of every clip following until he found the one he was looking for. He fast forwarded to the point when Shige that just grabbed back the paper.

“So it’s more than nothing then, isn’t it?” Ryo’s cringed as he watched himself. Did he really look like that when he was angry? Well, he liked his fringe.

“I don’t get what you’re so…”

“So what? What? Hmm?!”

“So interested!”

“Because I want you to stay here!”

“Say that again?”

That was enough. Ryo paused and deleted the clip, he didn’t need to hear himself say it again and he certainly didn’t need it available for other people to watch it either. Only one thought came to mind when the consequences of that one sentence hit him one back one, piling up to form a massive mountain that would eventually crash down on him. It all surmised to one thing: he liked Shige.


Koyama had heard what had transpired between Shige and Ryo from Yamapi and while he would’ve said that Yamapi was making it up, Koyama couldn’t really say that because Ryo was now unpredictable and that meant that the things that Ryo could say were limitless. Never the less, he thought that maybe he should go and do his ‘best friendly’ duties and see how Ryo was.

Koyama’s hand had barely touched the door handle when he heard the sound of Ryo on the other side. So it was true about the camera. He narrowed his eyes in an attempt to sharpen his hearing, he could hear the faint talking and realised that it really was genuine. For Koyama, this was bad, bad as in depressing, depressing because it meant that there was someone else apart from him that could say those words.

“I want you to stay here.”

Koyama knew that he was being selfish and that Ryo was being selfish too, but they were two separate people. That’s two different kinds of selfish. While Ryo could say what he wanted, Koyama wasn’t like that. Koyama couldn’t allow himself to be selfish like Ryo because he was Koyama, and Koyama didn’t do selfish. So in the end, Koyama couldn’t beat Ryo like that, couldn’t like Shige more than that.


It was hard to look at Ryo so Koyama didn’t. Instead he gestured to the camera, said something along the lines of needing it to record and take some clips of the musical’s first performance that night. Ryo gladly handed it over with a smile, content with the knowledge that his outburst was safely wiped clean from the memory.

Kusano noticed that there was something on Koyama’s mind as they sat at the back of the drama room. Koyama had a glazed-over look, he propped his chin on his hand which was propped on the arm of the chair, and sighed every once in a while when he shifted positions to the other side.

“Hey, Koyama-sempai?” Kusano only got a slight grunt in reply. “I take it you heard about…?”


“So you know he’s planning to…?”


“So that’s why you’re so…?”


“Does that mean you’re going to give up on...?”

“Yeah. How about you? You still avoiding…?”


“I was wondering, where did you…?”


“What were you…?”

“Weekly run.”

“Oh but you are over…?”


“It’s good we can talk about these things,” Koyama nodded.

“Yeah,” Kusano smiled a bit.

They waited together while the drama room slowly filled up with people in their seats, until the lights dimmed and the curtains rose. It took a while for their eyes to become adjusted to the dark, so they fumbled a bit as they tried to get the camera to work. Once the red LED was on, Koyama sat back in his chair to fully enjoy the production and Kusano followed suit, to see a smile on Koyama’s face that had been absent.

Koyama hadn’t noticed that Kusano’s eyes were on him until he had flicked them to the side to check the camera was still working. He asked if something was wrong but Kusano just shook his head. There was something wrong though, but Kusano didn’t have the courage to ask if he’d do instead of Shige, because he could tell that Koyama treasured Shige so much more than himself. Even so, Kusano still cared, cared so much about the feelings that Koyama pent up and just watching him muddle his way though them in his clumsy way just wasn’t doing.

“Do you think that Shige will accept?”

“Accept what?”

“The offer.”

Shige was backstage, dressed in black with the task of bringing on and taking away props when the lights dimmed. He could feel the folded paper through his back pocket, it felt like it burned to be touched so he took it out, unfolded and smoothed out the creases and looked at the words printed.

There was a rapture of applause at that moment, the lights dimmed and Shige couldn’t see the text. He felt a hand hook his arm and pull him to the side.

“Um, Kato-san,” Shige could tell that it was Masuda – the only other person with a smile that could be seen in the dark was Tegoshi. “Have you decided yet?”

“Oh, Masuda-san, really, thank you for getting me a transferral to Prism Cross,” Shige paused. “But…”

“You want to stay here,” Masuda nodded with understanding. “Right.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just all my friends are here-”

“Massu, Massu! I done it! I got a surprise for you,” Tegoshi popped up excitedly in the dark.

Ryo huffed at the sight of the trio from afar, there was some girl asking him to move out of the way but he wasn’t really listening, he was too distracted by how close that person was to Shige, how the pit of his stomach irritated when he saw Shige smile wide when he heard Tegoshi mutter something happily. Ryo had heard from Yamapi about how Tegoshi had latched himself onto Masuda and how Yamapi felt neglected and lonely and Ryo thought that perhaps Yamapi was being oversensitive. Oversensitive. Yes, this new Ryo was too oversensitive too because before he knew it, he had walked up to them and dragged Shige out through the emergency exit, all the way to the roof top.

“What were you talking about just then?”

“I really wish you wouldn’t keep doing that,” Shige straightened out his clothes. “We weren’t talking about anything in particular.”

“Then why were you all giddy and smiling?”

“Because I’m not moody and hormonal like you,” Shige looked at him with angled eyed. “What is up with you recently anyway? You’ve been acting weird and everyone’s starting to notice and then there’s that… thing you said to me earlier today.”

“Don’t talk about me like I’m some sort of teenage girl moaning about how the object of her affections won’t talk to her or even acknowledge the tiny little things that she does for him and so instead pines from afar, sneaking peaks and taking his items as trinkets to create a shrine for him at home… You little shit!”

“The phrase ‘what are you really angry about?’ comes to mind.”

“I’m not angry,” Ryo said softly. “I’m just interested.”

Interested?” Shige tried to stifle a laugh.

“Y-yes, so what?” Ryo flustered a bit in embarrassment, wondering why he had said what he did. Again.

“It’s nothing, I’m flattered, it’s just I thought that you were a little bit too caught up in your own little world to pay attention to anyone else.”

“Hey, you’re the one who kissed me first.”

“What?” Shige squinted in confusion. “When did I do that? Please tell me because I have no idea what you’re talking-”

Shige’s initial reaction when Ryo reached out to him was to flinch and close his eyes. Ryo grasped his tie and tugged it harshly, bringing Shige close, making it so they kissed. Shige’s eyes flashed open in surprise. The internal scream inside his mind was silenced with thoughts that this didn’t freak him out as much as he thought it should and the longer it went on, the more Shige began to like it.

Ryo let go of his tie, trailed his hands up towards to Shige’s jaw and touched it gently, the pads of his finger tips brushing the tiny hairs on his cheeks as they made their way to comb through Shige’s hair. Then Ryo broke away, didn’t remove any other contact with Shige safe from lips.

“You ask too many questions.”

“Do I?” Shige asked quietly, still stunned by Ryo’s unexpected actions. “Um, just then-”

“You tell anyone and I’ll rip your lips off,” Ryo jumped back, turning his back to Shige to hide his expression.

“Right… But you’d still want me to stay here because you’re interested,” Shige fixed his wrung and creased tie.

“Shut up.”

“Yeah well, you say that but I bet you’re smiling… With teeth.”

Shige was right.

This is unbeta-ed because I’m off on holiday for two weeks today and I didn’t want to leave without updating, also when I come back I’ll be on hiatus because of upcoming exams but I’ll be back around May. ^_^v
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