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26 March 2008 @ 07:06 pm
Corresponding - Chapter 6  
Title: Corresponding
Rating: PG
Pairing: ShigePi
Words: 618
Summary: Yamapi and Shige live totally different lives and despite respecting the same things, sharing the same beliefs and thinking the same way, they've never ever met. Shame, really.
[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6]

Chapter 6: Photograph

Shige was in a long line of students, all of whom were waiting their turn to sit sideways on a chair, tilt and turn their head at an awkward angle, smile with a fake grin before going off and collecting their school photograph number. That was how it went every year, and every year Shige always got a photograph that didn’t exactly please his mother.

Shige didn’t consider himself to be a very photogenic person, the hidden photo albums at home proved it, but he had learnt not to care as much about his appearance and just grin and bear it when people poked fun.

Yamapi on the other hand was made for photographs. He had to be, it was a big part of his job and so caring about his appearance was also a given. Hair, eyes and teeth. Those were the three main things that he had to care about because they were the hardest for magazine editors to photoshop, not that he needed it much or anything.

Yamapi could see that Tegoshi was very uncomfortable in front of the camera and tried to get the boy to think of something relaxing that would give a good shot.

“How about we go outside?” Yamapi suggested and it seemed as though Tegoshi was glad to go along.


Shige gulped, it was his turn now. He drew breath heavily before going to sit in the stool beneath the large lights with the fake marble backdrop behind him.

“What’s your name?” Shige thought that the professional photographer sounded like he was pissed off already and Shige couldn’t blame him. It was a pretty arduous job, taking school photographs, endless shots of conformed children with only a few with personality.


“OK Kato-kun, can you turn your head towards me? Just a little bit more. Now tilt it back a bit.”

Shige tried to do what he was told but there was something about looking into a black circle for more than five seconds that utterly fazed him. The photographer sighed as Shige looked blankly.

“Kato-kun? I’m going to tell you what this hotshot model I worked for once said to a rookie,” Shige nodded attentively in reply. “’Everyone knows that a photograph is said to be able to capture a person’s soul’ he said. ‘So what you have to do to take a good picture is imagine that you’re looking at your soul instead of a camera, that way you’ll be able to show yourself in the photograph no matter what pose you’re doing.’”

Shige thought about it a bit. Photographs were said to show things exactly how they were but he didn’t really get what the photographer was trying to get at.

“I didn’t get it either so I asked him about it later and he said that a picture doesn’t say a thousand words, it’s not supposed to, otherwise things would just be written down all the time.”

Shige didn’t feel like that was much help either.

“Then I asked him what that had to do with picture taking and he simply said that if you put your all into looking good in a photograph, just one photograph and you imagine that photograph for the rest of your photographs then they’ll turn out good.”

“It turned out really good didn’t it Yamashita-sempai?”

Yamapi nodded as Tegoshi flicked through the pages, grinning every time he found one he was in which seemed to be every second page. Ryo sat next to him, surprised by such a happy first-timer.

“What did you say to make him that happy?”

“I said that I’d buy him ice-cream afterwards. Bribery tends to be the easiest way to get through these things.”
yum_gumsyum_gums on April 1st, 2008 07:44 am (UTC)
when i'm reading this fic, i feel like that there is something more coming up...
it's like shige and pi are connected by something but they dont really know that they're connected...
will be waiting for the next chapter....